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Taisho Alice
Taisho Alice.jpg
Kanji 大正×対称アリス
Romaji Taishō Arisu
Language Japanese
Platform Windows
Release Date February 20, 2015

Taisho Alice Episode I Trial

Taisho Alice Episode I - Regular Edition
Taisho Alice Episode I - Limited Edition

Age Rating All ages
Developer Primula
Publisher Primula
Media & Links
Official Site http://www.primula.jpn.com/taishoalice/#

Taisho Alice (大正×対称アリス Taishō Arisu) is the first otome game series developed and published by Primula. The game was released on February 20, 2015.

The series is split into four parts for the PC. The first episode contains Cinderella's and Red Riding Hood's stories, the second episode contains Kaguya's and Gretel's, the third episode contains Snow White's and the Wizard's, and the fourth episode contains Alice's. Three segments have been released in English so far.


When you exit the mirror, there is a world where everything is reversed.

Before you knew it you were lost in a pitch black world. You do not have any memories regarding yourself. What kind of person are you, even your own name. There isn't any other person in that pitch black world other than you and your heart is filled with uneasiness and loneliness.

At that time, you encounter a boy. The boy with the shining golden hair and beautiful blue eyes is named Alice. As soon as Alice sees you, he calls you Arisu.

Apparently he has also lost his memory, he doesn't remember anything other than the name Alice. You are worried, and a little reluctant to go with Alice, but once again you wander the world.

Before long, you and Alice find a great big mirror made out of crystal. Inside the mirror is a mysterious world where east and west are mixed together. It makes you feel a little nostalgic. When you and Alice look into the mirror, you go through it and end up in the country inside the mirror.

In the Mirror Country, gender swapped versions of fairy tale characters welcome you as the "Heroine." You who have become the Heroine of each fairy-tail, will a slightly strange warped story be spun with the slightly warped fairy tale characters.

What will happen at the end of this story?