Kenka Bancho Otome
Kanji 喧嘩番長乙女
Romaji Kenka Bancho Otome
Language Japanese
Platform Psv PlayStation Vita
Release Date May 19, 2016
Releases Regular Edition
Limited Edition
Developer Red Entertainment Corporation
Publisher Spike Chunsoft
Media & Links
Official Site Official site

Kenka Bancho Otome (喧嘩番長乙女) is an upcoming otome game, developed Red Entertainment Corporation and published by Spike Chunsoft for Playstation Vita. The game is an otome game spin-off of Kenka Bancho series, and is scheduled to be released on May 19, 2016. A manga was released ahead of the game, on July 4th, 2015, and entitled Kenka Bancho Otome ~Koi no Battle Royal~.



Hinako Nakayama

Male ProtagonistsEdit

Totomaru Minowa
Takayuki Konparu
Rintarou Kira
Yuuta Mirakou
Houou Onigashima

Supporting CharactersEdit

Hikaru Onigashima
Haruo Sakaguchi


For as long as she's been aware, Hinako Nakayama, without a single relative, lived under care of the state. Both of her parents' faces were unknown to her. In front of this heroine, a young boy appeared. The young boy's name was "Hikaru". It appeared that he was the heroine's twin brother, separated at birth. He had a proposal for the heroine.

"Could you go to school in my place?"

The heroine was shocked by this crazy suggestion. Furthermore this was an all-boys school. The only high school in this prefecture for delinquents. Hikaru was part of the most ancient and honorable family in the criminal underworld (yakuza), the Onigashima family. Under his father's strict teachings, the school that he was to attend had been decided. And that school was Shishiku Academy. A high school where all the terrible and wild delinquents were gathered. Enrolled in this school, a child of the Onigashima family was obligated to occupy and control this school. Hikaru did not want to have anything to do with delinquents. But to defy his father meant death. Hikaru, who learnt about his twin sister who was separated from him at birth, was struck with the idea to send her in his place to this school of delinquents.

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